Glenelg Distribution carries a full range of products from the following manufacturers:


Philmac is a global leader in the design and manufacture of specialist pipe fittings and valves, providing cost-effective solutions for the transfer, control and application of water. Philmac’s products can be found in mines, on farms and rural properties, vineyards, golf courses, domestic and industrial building developments and the reticulated water supplies of towns and cities in the UK and across the world.


BIOROCK offers a complete range of compact non-electrical waste water treatment plants, denominated into 5, 10 & 15 person systems. If installed in parallel the treatment units can also cater for 30, 45, 60 people and so on. BIOROCK non-electrical sewage treatment plants offers an ideal solution for domestic sewage waste water treatment in the United Kingdom. The BIOROCK system consists of a separate settlement tank, which can be an existing traditional brick or concrete septic tank, followed by the BIOROCK sewage treatment plant.

Further information of the BIOROCK system can be found here.

Glenelg distribution can supply the full range of BIOROCK products to throughout Northern Ireland.


JFC is an internationally renowned manufacturer of innovative, high-quality plastic products for the agricultural industry, including drinking troughs, bale feeders and footbaths.

IBC cam-lock fittings

Cam-lock fittings adapt standard water distribution fittings to IBC tanks, allowing the tanks to be utilised for temporary remote water storage in the field. Glenelg Distribution can provide fittings to suit a range tanks.

Agricultural pipe and fitting hardware

Glenelg Distribution also carries a range of assorted agricultural water hardware, including:

  • Dissimilar material adaptive rubber pipe couplers
  • Abrasive cutting and grinding disks
  • MDPE pipe, 20 to 63mm
  • Twin wall drainage pipes, 4 – 24in


For further details on our wholesale range, including product pricing and availability, please get in touch with us.